Terms and Conditions

OlaFix service is repair services provided by Fonfair Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as “OlaFix”) to customers for designated mobile phone devices (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”).

For better use of the Service, you shall read, agree to and comply with this Terms and Conditions of OlaFix Repair Services (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) before submitting the order. You can read the Terms at OlaFix’s official website: www.olafix.com. You are required to read carefully and understand fully the content of each term, especially the terms on exemption or limitation of liability, jurisdiction and applicable laws.

By using the Service, you are deemed to have knowledge to the Terms and consent to be bound by them.

  1. These Terms are an agreement between you and OlaFix for your use of the Services. “User” or “you” are the user of the Service.
  2. Service means the service provided by OlaFix to you, including but not limited to repair of electronic mobile devices, testing and data management i.e. data transfer, data erasure etc.
  3. The contents of these Terms also include such agreement and business rules as may be published by OlaFix from time to time. Once the said content is published, such content shall become an integral part of this Agreement and you shall also be bound by it.
  1. Protecting Users’ personal data is a basic principle followed by OlaFix in providing the Service. OlaFix will collect, use and store your personal data according to the provisions of these Terms.
  2. When submitting your application for the Service, you may need to provide some accurate personal data which are necessary for the application (including your name, address, phone number and phone defects etc.) so that OlaFix can provide and complete the Service to you and provide you with the information and special offers of OlaFix products. If you provide incomplete or inaccurate information, you will not be able to use the Service or may incur additional expenses; you shall be responsible for the respective consequences. OlaFix is also entitled to collect additional expenses from Users. If incorrect or incomplete address provided by you causing error, delay or failure of our service, OlaFix shall not be liable for any loss or liability caused thereof.
  3. As a rule, you may at any time inquire or revise the personal data submitted by you. If necessary, please contact OlaFix Customer Service to check or revise the relevant personal <a href=’support@olafix.com’>support@olafix.com</a>.
  4. OlaFix will use its reasonable efforts to utilize various secured technologies and procedures to establish a comprehensive management system to protect your personal data, to avoid unauthorized access, use or disclosure.
  5. OlaFix will not transfer or disclose your personal data to any unrelated third party, unless:
    1. it is required by relevant laws and regulations or by any court or government department;
    2. it is transferred for the purpose of completing any merger, division, acquisition or asset transfer;or
    3. it is necessary for providing the Services and the services required by you.
  6. Before you give your electronic mobile device to OlaFix for repair services:
    1. You should back up the information saved in the device. You understand and agree that OlaFix cannot warrant that the data saved in your device can be completely retained because replacement of parts and components or software upgrade may occur during repair and that OlaFix shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss caused by any loss of data in the course of repair;
    2. You are required to remove in advance and properly store the accessories of your mobile phone which are unnecessary during the repair process, for example, your SIM card, memory card, earphone, charger, mobile phone protective case, invoice, warranty card and instruction manual. If screen replacement is involved in the repair process, any screen protector attached to the mobile device shall not be preserved;
    3. You are requested to remove or cancel your mobile device password in advance, and if such operation is impossible due to any mobile device defects, you are required to provide your mobile device password so that we can thoroughly test and repair your mobile device.
  7. OlaFix may send you any advertisement and other commercial information by email, SMS etc.; if you are unwilling to receive the relevant information, please contact OlaFix Customer Service at support@olafix.com.

  1. You shall use the Service in a manner provided or recognized by OlaFix. Your rights arising from these Terms shall not be transferred.
  2. Please ensure the completeness and accuracy of the information provided by you;
  3. OlaFix will only provide mobile devices repair services to Hong Kong users on particular brands and models. Please ensure that your mobile phone falls within the repair scope of OlaFix before you use the Service.
  4. Retrieving user’s data from the mobile device, unlocking the power-on password, unlocking the ID account, fingerprint function, replacing chips or memory expansion and etc;
  5. Repair of hidden failure with low probability of occurrence or cannot reoccur in specific situation;
  6. OlaFix will thoroughly test and repair the functional defect and clean your mobile phone, however no repair will be made for scratches;
  7. OlaFix may not be able to provide you services due to the device sent by the User is different from the device information submitted in the application form;
  8. Any other circumstance which OlaFix deems necessary to refuse to provide repair Services.
  9. OlaFix will use high-quality parts or recycled original parts during the repair process and the type of parts used for repair will depend on the inventory. High-quality parts mean parts strictly inspected by OlaFix with high quality which are not duly authorized by its original manufacturers. You clearly understand that such parts will not bear the brand name, logo, model indication, IMEI number and etc. of the original manufacturer. You also acknowledge that the IMEI number printed on the recycled original parts does not reflect the actual IMEI number of your mobile device.
  10. OlaFix warrants that any device successfully repaired by OlaFix will be entitled to warranty services within a certain time limit. Warranty service shall not be provided for the following circumstances:
    1. Man-made damaged or the specific label of OlaFix is damaged;
    2. Water damage;
    3. Tampering with internal hardware;
    4. Software issues unrelated to the repair;
    5. Jailbroken devices;
    6. New defect occurs which is unrelated to the repaired defect type;
    7. Any loss of data occurring as a result of the repair – customers are advised to back up all data prior to repair attempt;
    8. Defect caused by an event of force majeure (e.g. floods, fire, earthquakes, cyclones, windstorms, deluge and etc);
    9. Any other circumstance that OlaFix deems to not fall within the warranty scope.
  11. Before repairing, OlaFix will thoroughly test your device and make an overall repair plan. No warranty shall be provided for any defect that is not repaired by OlaFix.
  12. Please ensure that the device information provided in the order form is accurate; OlaFix will not be liable for any defect or mistake in the repair process due to the error or omission caused by you.
  13. You fully understand and know that the warranty services provided by the original manufacturer may be affected after using the Services. You also agree that OlaFix is entitled to engage contractor to provide the Services.
  1. If the repaired device is damaged or lost during the repair services provided by OlaFix, OlaFix will only be liable for compensation of the direct loss of your mobile device and will not bear any other indirect loss or any economically loss caused thereby.
  2. Compensation for any damage and loss occurred during the repair service provided by OlaFix:
    1. For any damage or loss caused by OlaFix, OlaFix will negotiate the compensation with you after verification thereof; if any defect is caused during the handling or repair process by OlaFix, OlaFix undertakes to provide free repair service without any additional charge and you also agree that you will not to seek any compensation against OlaFix;
    2. If OlaFix cannot repair any damage, loss or defect that was caused by OlaFix, its compensation amount shall be limited to the market value of the second-hand mobile phone of the same hardware model (regional version is not guaranteed) at the time the mobile device is lost or damaged. Olafix’s aggregate liability shall not exceed to HK$2,000. For any loss or damage made to your mobile phone.
  1. You understand and agree that OlaFix will provide the Services on an as-is basis according to the existing technologies and conditions and will use its best efforts to provide you with the Services and ensure the consistency and safety of the Services, but OlaFix cannot warrant that it has the ability to repair all defective mobile electronic devices. If OlaFix confirms that it cannot repair the device, its customer service will contact you to inform you of the reason for failing to repair the device.
  1. The intellectual property rights to the content (including but without limitation to webpages, words, pictures, audio, video, diagrams and etc.) provided by OlaFix in the Services shall vest in OlaFix.
  2. Unless otherwise declared, the copyrights, patent and other intellectual property rights on which OlaFix relies on in providing the Services shall vest in OlaFix.
  3. The copyrights or trademark with respect to the logos of “OlaFix” as used by OlaFix for the Services shall vest in OlaFix.
  4. The abovementioned and any other intellectual property rights included in any other content contained in the Services shall be protected by laws. No one may use or create relevant derivative works in any form without the written consent of OlaFix.
  1. You understand and agree that OlaFix will not be liable for any service interruption attributable to any reason beyond the control of OlaFix, including but not limited to the acts of God, acts of administrative authorities based on actual or explicit power, or acts or omissions of relevant departments, insufficient data provided by customers, detention by government departments, riots, strikes, or other labour disputes, civil commotions, malfunction or interruption of communication and information systems (including but not limited to the communication and information systems of OlaFix), any disruption of the road traffic network, astronomical phenomena, natural disasters, for example, earthquakes, cyclones, windstorms and floods. If any of the said circumstances occurs, OlaFix will make its efforts to make timely repairs, provided that OlaFix is released from liability for any loss caused thereby to you to the extent permitted by law.
  2. OlaFix may send you any advertisement and other commercial information by email, SMS etc.; if you are unwilling to receive the relevant information, please contact OlaFix Customer Service at support@olafix.com.

  1. By using the Services provided by OlaFix, you are deemed to have read these Terms and agreed to be bound by them.
  2. OlaFix has the right to revise the Terms hereof when necessary.
  3. If you continue to use the software or Services provided by OlaFix after the modification of the provisions hereof, you are deemed to have accepted the revised terms. If you do not accept the revised agreement, you should stop using the software or Services provided by OlaFix.
  1. OlaFix may change the content of Services or interrupt, suspend or terminate the Services.
  2. You understand and agree that OlaFix is entitled to decide its business strategy on its own. When OlaFix is involved in any merger, division, acquisition or asset transfer, OlaFix may transfer the assets under the Services to any third party and shall be entitled to entrust any third party to operate or perform all or part of the Services.
  3. If any of the following circumstances occurs, OlaFix shall be entitled to interrupt or terminate the Services provided to you without further notice:
    1. You breach relevant laws and regulations or the provisions hereof;
    2. According to legal provisions;
    3. For safety reasons or any other circumstance deemed to be necessary by OlaFix.
  1. If your act causes any third party, law enforcement department or government department to claim compensation or press charges against OlaFix, you agree to defend and indemnify OlaFix against and from all the losses and expenses caused thereby.
  1. The formation, effectiveness, performance, interpretation and dispute resolution of these Terms shall be governed by Hong Kong laws.
  2. These Terms are executed in Hong Kong.
  3. In case of any difference or dispute between you and OlaFix, both parties shall endeavor to resolve it through friendly negotiation; if such negotiation fails, you agree to submit such difference or dispute to a Hong Kong courts.
  4. The headings of all the provisions hereof are for convenience only, they have no actual meaning per se and cannot be used as a basis for the interpretation of the meaning of these Terms.
  5. When part of this Terms become invalid or unenforceable due to any reason, the remaining provisions shall remain valid and shall be binding on both parties.
  6. In case of discrepancies between the different languages incorporated in this Terms, the English version shall prevail.